Economy and Jobs

Texas has an economy that is strong and respected but I believe it can also be improved, and expanded upon. I aim to work towards reasonable spending to appropriately balance the state budget, rather than slashing funding for essential programs such as healthcare, infrastructure, etc. Along with that, I will be a strong supporter of eliminating corporate tax loopholes and moving towards a more balanced budget. Most importantly, I will be a strong supporter of equal pay for equal work, for all Texans.


I am a proud product of both of the education systems of our great district, and I aim to give back to the schools, and the teachers in particular, who allowed me to grow up with dreams as big as our great state of Texas. I am a strong supporter of expanding the curriculum in our schools to be more diverse, as well as plans to introduce practical lessons that students will be able to utilize in their future. Similarly, I want to acknowledge the fact that college, while full of opportunities, simply is not for each and every individual. Therein, I would strongly support vocational training opportunities in high school, as well as an expansion on career preparation courses that are available to our students. It is my hope that we may have a technical college in the Bryan-College Station region to empower and motivate individuals, especially those who are “at-risk” students, to step into a career or trade that is of high value for our community.


Our district is in a unique position when it comes to infrastructure since College Station sees a high volume of commuters from all around our great state. Unfortunately, many of our roads cannot keep up with the rapid growth and ultimately can lead to unsafe conditions in which lives are at risk, and even one life lost on a Texas road is one life too much. I would specifically be interested in supporting legislature to improve highway conditions for Highway 6, going north to Waco, as that is an area that is high volume and needs attention. Above all, I believe it is crucial that we support legislature that increases modes, and the quality of public transportation, such as the high speed rail, as well as focus on ways to introduce new methods of highways that are toll-free.


I believe that every Texan should have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare that does not discriminate. I am a supporter of expanding Medicaid and offering comprehensive health care options to all citizens of our community. I would like to support legislature that lowers the prices of prescription medication, expand services for preventive care, as well as provide accessible options for those who suffer from mental health issues that are just as debilitating. We are blessed to live in a compassionate district, but some of our members in underserved communities are often left behind and it is time that our healthcare system works for all of us, not just a select few.


My generation is in a unique position to advocate for the environment because in order to secure a prosperous future for the next generation, we have to make serious changes. We must reduce energy waste and invest in efficient alternative methods through research and development of clean energy. Above all, we must come together to ensure our community continues to be more eco-friendly and implements waste reduction and recycling.

Social Justice

A state as big as Texas should have no space for discrimation against any of its’ people. It is very important that we embrace the diversity of our district and protect the rights of all who are disenfranchised. I strongly support protecting women’s reproductive rights, the rights of those who are disabled, and standing up with our brothers and sisters in the LGTBQ community to promote a more inclusive, just society. Texas is far too big for bigotry and it is my hope that our district can lead the way to ensure no one is discluded or disenfranchised.

Gun Safety

As a lifelong Texan, I am a proud supporter of the 2nd amendment. However, I am an equally strong supporter of reasonable regulation through background checks and closing loopholes which would allow individuals with ill intentions of avoiding those same checks. I believe we should introduce common sense gun laws into the Legislature and introduce bills which limit the possession of guns to any individuals with a history of certain mental illnesses or violent crimes. It is important that we protect our rights, all while protecting our community from the very real, and devastating effects of gun violence.


As a proud son of first generation immigrants, I believe that Texas should lead the way in protecting asylum and providing aid to those who come to our great state in the hopes of a better, more safe future. At the same time, I am in full support of immigration reform which includes a pathway to citizenship for recipients of DACA and securing our borders while protecting individuals from dangerous conditions throughout the process. I firmly believe that our diverse community can lead the way in protecting legal immigration and regulating the process so that Texas can continue to be a state that protects the liberty and justice of others, as well as its own.

Criminal Justice Reform

I believe it is time we, as Texans, lead the way in ending mass incarceration, which disproportionately targets minorities. I am a strong supporter of reforming the bail system and focusing more attention towards rehabilitation opportunities to introduce nonviolent offenders back into our society as working, productive members. Our district is protected by hard working police officers and I believe that investing in educational training to improve police procedures, as well as a focus on de-escalation tactics, will be highly beneficial to the safety of our community.

Voting Rights

As a proud Texan, I believe that each and every member of our community should be able to have the security of knowing that their vote matters. I would actively push for increased involvement through more efficient methods, such as online voter registration andintroducing more accessible polling stations. Additionally, I would be an advocate of expanding early voting so that each member of our community can get their vote in.